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Ultimately the goal of every employee at every level of your organization is to take care of the customer - your guest. At GEO Advisors Consulting we never lose sight of that goal.  We work with you and your team to create an experience that will make them want to return.  And we all know the importance of repeat customers.

Your Guest Experience Officers

What does GEO stand for? 

Sandy Keehn


A management coach for over ten years, Sandra (Sandy) Keehn values the relationships she builds with her clients above all else in business.  Her success is directly measured by the success of the people she coaches.


As the managing partner at GEO Advisors Consulting Sandy executes all aspects of branded Guest Experience consulting projects: from designing customized customer experience programs to conducting service training and leadership and management seminars to implementing service measurement strategies. Sandy has also consulted on HR issues involving teamwork, employee engagement and conflict resolution.

Sandy is the "puzzlemaster" behind the Escape from the School of Hard Locks, where she both designs the puzzles involved in the team building rooms and also conducts the debriefs for the businesses that visit.  She and Tony have a podcast, "Escape Room Experts" in which they talk about escape rooms as well as the use of interactive activities to create successful teams


Her 20+ years of experience include time as VP of Operations for the Sport Management Research Institute, partner in the Global Interface Consulting Group, and management roles at Office Depot. As a consultant her responsibilities included conducting research and administering training seminars for clients in areas such as demographics, consumer buyer behavior, sponsorship loyalty, economic impact and (of course) customer service. 


Sandy received her B.A. from Cornell University.

Tony Duckett

Tony Duckett has spent over 3 decades helping companies in a variety of industries analyze their business opportunity and create processes and procedures that allow them to capitalize on the opportunities in front of them. He has helped sales, marketing, administration, finance and operations teams understand how that they are all part of one team and that they can only find true success by working cohesively.

Tony’s specialty is uniting the sales and marketing visions which fuel the acquisition of new customer names and the growth of existing customer relationships. By helping clients identify their core customer set(s) and developing messaging that will both resonate and inspire their customers to take action, Tony has helped clients achieve their desired revenue and profitability goals.

Every business has its idiosyncrasies but at the core, business is business. Every company is trying to find a way to grow their business and there are multiple way to do it. Tony and GEO Advisors Consulting can help you find the best methods to grow your business.  Let us help you.



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