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Need a refresher to remind your management team the importance of a key competency?

We know - soft skills are not rocket science.  Most managers can give you all of the right answers when you ask them how to communicate, how to listen, how to build relationships.  So why don't they do it?

Most managers spend so much time focused on the "hard" skills - e.g. processes, timelines, deadlines, etc.  that "soft" skills are not a priority.  But being a manager is about people, not process. 

And in the business environment of 2019 management and leadership means something different than it did in the past.  Companies are being more collaborative, with team-based leadership models. The authors of Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report write, “Ninety percent of companies are redesigning their organizations to be more dynamic, team-centric, and connected. These changes require not just new operating models, but a different type of leadership to mobilize and execute these models.”

GEO Advisors Consulting individual topic classes (1-4 hours in length) include presentation, discussion, interactive activities, video, case studies and role play

Individual topic classes for groups

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