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Creation of a branded customer experience sets a foundation for consistent, reliable service.  Delivering on your brand promise through employee advocacy, pride and retention is critical to customer loyalty.


Use any or all degrees of GEO Advisors' comprehensive 360 degree program to create a new, customized service standard that best exemplifies your brand identity - to both your internal and your external customers.


The Customer experience


GEO Advisors Management Coaches, through our 360 degree approach to customer service, can evaluate, supplement and maintain your existing customer service platform.


1. Evaluate current service levels

2. Establish benchmarks via quantitative measurements or metrics

3. Create branded customer experience programs

4. Develop customized customer service learning seminars

5. Design employee recognition opportunities

Complacency is the biggest obstacle faced by highly successful service-oriented organizations.  The better your organization is at consistently providing top-level service, the quicker your customers are to notice and call you on service missteps that they might ignore or not even notice in another establishment.

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